What’s the deal with linking a card?

What information can we see, why do we need it, and how is it used?

It’s two-fold: first, to verify that you’re a real person (as we’re giving away real rewards), and second, to ensure that the reward is something you can and would use. When you link your card, we look at your favorite merchants and shopping categories so that we can tailor rewards based on your preferences.

Here's what we see:

-Where you shopped
-How much you spent
-Your account type
-Your spend limit

What we DON’T see:

- Your card number
- Your address
- Your account credentials
(username and password)
- What you actually bought from a given store

Curious? Here are perks we've rolled out based on that data:

- Amazon (most popular store)
- Whole Foods (most popular grocery store)
- Target (second most popular store)
- Nike (most popular apparel)

Is linking my card secure?

Do you see my username or password for my bank?

We use the same exact technology Venmo uses (if you’ve used their app before). In fact, over 25% of Americans with bank accounts already use this same service (called Plaid, which is in the process of being acquired by Visa) to retrieve this information. At no point in time do we see your bank’s username or password. This is handled entirely between Plaid and your bank.

This practice, requesting username and password, is the standard that financial institutions have instituted to securely exchange data without exposing personally identifiable information from customers like you. If you’ve ever used TurboTax to import tax-related information from a financial institution, the Mint app to help you budget, Venmo to send money, or even the drop app to get cash back across a variety of vendors, you’ve used this same exact function we have integrated into the Paceline app. You can rest assured millions of users have safely used this technology for years.

Though we already use industry-wide practices to secure the data, we go one step further: we anonymize the data such that it’s never linked to your name or other personally identifiable information in our system.

What data do you gather?

Do you sell this information? How do you use this information?

Through our app we ask for permission to read your age, gender, workout activity and spending habits. We do not sell this information. Ever. We use these insights to inform our rewards program and ensure we can offer relevant rewards that will continually motivate you to achieve physical activity goals.